Heated Dog Beds

Just like us, humans, dogs feel the pains of aging as well. This makes a heated dog bed a necessity rather than a luxury item. Aside from being a nice thing and providing comfort and warmth for your dog on a cold winter night, the health benefits these beds offer are good enough reasons to include them as part of your pet’s routine health care especially if he has a health condition.

But before discussing a heated bed’s advantages, let’s first determine how you can tell if your dog could benefit from a heated bed. Your dog may be a candidate for this type of dog bed if he shows any of the following symptoms:

  • Cannot run
  • Cannot get up easily from a lying-down position
  • Cannot easily climb the stairs
  • Limps or moves stiffly after exercise
  • Moves slowly or tentatively

Here are some of its health benefits:

1. Heat Offers Relief from Arthritis and Joint Disorders

Arthritis is the common term to describe the condition that veternerians classify as joint disease, which are divided into two types: Inflammatory and Non-Inflammatory. Symptoms of the former include joint pain and swelling (inflammation) while that of the latter include joint degeneration along with stiffness and pain. With the heated pad, an arthritic dog’s stiff joints are soothed and tight muscles loosened.

2. Heat Helps Soothe Pain of Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a condition wherein an animal’s ball-and-socket hip joints do not fit together perfectly. The ball slips out of the socket causing abnormal wear and tear to the joint; thereby, resulting to pain and difficulty when walking and standing. Although genetics plays a role in the development of this condition, improper nutrition and excessive exercise level at an early age have been implicated as potential causes. As this disease attacks a dog’s hip joints, the heat helps ease the pain and stiffness that comes with it.

3.  Heat Helps Relieve Back Problems

Dogs that have suffered a spinal injury or have a medical problem with their spine like intervertebral disk disease would get a pain-free rest from a heated dog bed.

4. Heat Provides Comfort to Older Dogs

For many breeds, especially the large breeds, working class breeds and fine-boned racing dogs, joint and hip problems surface as they get older. Heated bed pads are more comfortable for older dogs because it relaxes muscles, joints and ligaments we well as improve circulation and flexibility.

5. Heat Provides Necessary Warmth

For puppies, smaller dogs and hairless dogs, a heated bed provides them the necessary warmth that they would get had they been resting beside other dogs in a pack situation. It is essential for these dogs to get warmth they cannot get on a consistent basis from their natural environment.

6. Heat Provides A Feeling of Comfort and Security

This is especially true for a dog who has an anti-social behavior. Serving as part of a crate or area that he can escape to in place of a den, the heat bed provides him psychological comfort and a feeling of security. Moreover, it gives another reason for him to retreat or be moved to a situation where he feels comforted and in control.

Below are some of the top brands of heat dog beds in the market so upon deciding which to go for, you are already choosing from the roster of what’s considered the best.

Amazon Image PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper, Small, Hunter Green/Sand
Amazon Image K&H Thermo Oval Snuggly Sleeper, Medium 26 By 20 Inches, Sage
Amazon Image Heated Dog Bed Size: Medium (40″ x 30″)
Amazon Image K&H Pet Bed Warmer, 13 Watts, Large, 11 By 24 Inches
Amazon Image K&H Lectro-Soft Heated Outdoor Bed, Medium
Amazon Image K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion


Heated Dog Bed Buying Guide

With so many brands of heat dog beds to choose from all claiming to be the best in the market, it’s no wonder why choosing the perfect one for your pooch becomes a predicament. Well, we have foreseen this problem so aside from the list of top ten products above, we are also providing you with  a Buying Guide to help you come to the right decision.

1. Removable Heater – Chances are, your dog would chew through the bed so to be on the safe side, go for a bed that comes with a removable heater. This way, your dog can chew the bed away without any danger of harming himself. Likewise, to protect your dog from electric shocks, get a bed with a chew resistant cord.

2. Removable Dog Bed Cover – To make it easy and convenient for you in the long run, avoid covers that come attached to the bed. Likewise, covers should be washable as well as this makes bed cleaning simple and hassle-free.

3. Electricity Versus Self-Heating – Concerns about overheating and the safety of electrically-heated dog beds are common. You can opt for a self-heating one instead as this will simply reflect a dog’s body heat back to them without the use of electricity. As for the issue of overheating, there’s no need to worry because most electric heated dog beds have extremely low wattage and will automatically shut off when the temperature reaches 102′F, which is the normal body temperature for most dogs; hence, there is very minimal risk of your dog getting burned.

4. Consider Buying Two Instead of One – It’s not exactly necessary that you get two beds but if you have more than one pet and consider the fact that potential territory fights may break out between your pets over the heated dog bed, this could actually be a wise move. Remember that this bed is very warm and snug so it is no wonder if nobody may want to share!

Note that you may have to introduce a heated bed to your pet slowly over time as in the case of dogs who are used to getting their warmth from sleeping on beds of their owners. All in all though, heated beds are ideal for all types of breeds because of the physical comfort they provide that is perfect for relieving your dog’s aching joints. Investing on a heat bed of good quality is  a wise buy as this ensures that your dog is warm and snug all year round.