Orthopedic Dog Beds

An orthopedic dog bed makes use of orthopedic foam which mainly gives support and comfort for your dog’s muscles and joints, along with better weight distribution, when he is at rest. This means less pressure on bones and joints and a more restful sleep for your dog.

Now how does this type of dog bed work? Ordinary dog beds usually use fiber fill for cushioning, which is great for a while, but it quickly packs down with repeated use and washings and as a result, no longer provides comfort or support. Orthopedic dog beds, on the other hand, make use of a high density orthopedic foam to provide excellent cushioned support for dogs with joint pain. Pets arise less stiff, since pressure points are now relieved.

With such benefit, it’s most especially ideal for older, ailing dogs, dogs with arthritis and dogs suffering from degenerative conditions like canine hip and elbow dysplasia. All these diseases share one thing in common and that is joint pain which causes your dog to loose his mobility and lower his quality of life. An orthopedic bed may help preserve his remaining mobility; thereby adding months or even a few years to his life.

Dogs who are active, such as working or service animals, or dogs that have recently had surgery and are yet to face a long recovery would also benefit from an orthopedic dog bed. When pressure points are eliminated, circulation is improved, which aids in the healing process.

Even healthy dogs can benefit from these type of dog beds. Less time spent on hard surfaces can help prevent some joint problems from taking hold. Consider orthopedic dog beds as a part of proactive program to extend your dog’s health well into his senior years. This is exactly why are some owners though who opt to start their puppies out on this type of bed to prevent muscle and joint problems from developing.

Note though that the orthopedic dog bed is often confused with a memory foam dog bed. To clarify, it is true that some orthopedic dog beds feature a memory foam core. They are very similar in construction; however, the memory foam provides additional support and comfort by contouring to your dog’s body. See the comparison of benefits for both dog bed types below.

Better support for muscles & joints X X
Helps reduce arthritis and hip dysplasia X X
Soothes stiff/sore muscles X X
Provides a more comfortable, restful sleep X X
Typically, a better quality dog bed; tends to last longer without “smushing” or “cratering.” X X
Distributes your dog’s weight throughout the bed X X
Contours to your dog’s shape X
Helps eliminate painful pressure points X
Helps keep your dog at a comfortable temperature


Should you decide to buy an orthopedic dog bed, we have just the information you need. Check out this list of top brands out in the market to narrow down your choices to a roster of what is sure to be the best.

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Orthopedic Dog Bed Buying Guide

As a pet owner, you are sure to be faced with a variety of choices when you shop for an orthopedic bed so to keep you from getting lost into a frenzy of confusion, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Right Size and Right Weight

Pick a bed that is the right size for your dog. Go for the one that’s big enough for your pooch to stretch out completely. To ensure that he will receive proper support from the bed, pick a size that is appropriate for your dog’s weight too.

2. A Foam Core that Gives Good Support

For your dog’s sure comfort, his bed must be with a high-quality core. Foam is a common material found in orthopedic dogs and having the right foam core can help your dog sleep comfortably because he is less likely to toss and turn around in an effort to find a comfortable sleeping position. Foam comes in different types:

  1. Memory Foam – works with your dog’s weight, body contours and temperature to create a snug nest in which he sleeps.
  2. Orthopedic Foam – provides extra support and comfort over regular beds.
  3. Egg Crate Foam – offers the additional benefit of keeping your canine warmer during winter and cooler during summer.

Remember though that among these foam types, only the Memory Foam contours to your dog’s body, keeps your dog at a comfortable  temperature and eliminates pressure points.

3. A Good Spot to Drift to Dreamland

Set the bed up in a cozy, draft-free area of your home. Chances are, your dog already has his favorite sleeping spot in your house so to help ease his transition to the new bed, you can place it on his favorite spot or near a spot he is already familiar with. To even make the transition smoother, allow your dog to sniff and examine the bed before you completely remove the old one.

4. Machine Washable and Easy to Remove Cover

To make cleaning your dog’s bed easier, opt for a machine-washable bed cover that can be removed easily. This likewise gives you the opportunity to change the cover to one that’s softer and warmer to suit your dog’s comfort needs.