Top Five Best Companion Dogs

Photo by Adam Kahtava on Flickr

Photo by Adam Kahtava on Flickr

The bond between man and dog has been there for tens of thousands of years. Ever since then, dogs have provided a special companionship that is hard to find with people. Unconditionally loyal and loving, they are there to lick your wounds even when everyone has turned their backs on you. When you just want to vent, you can talk to your dog about your woes and he will just sit and listen patiently as you rant on and on without interruption or judgement. When you have had a tough day at work, you can be sure to count on your furry friend waiting for you at the door to welcome you home with  his wagging tail and slobbery kisses.

Moreover, dogs provide protection to you and your family to the extent of even sacrificing their lives if it means saving yours. That’s how deep a dog’s loyalty and love goes. That is why he is truly man’s best friend. But then, there are so many breed of dogs that are all adorable and just as huggable but have different characteristics. As much as you want to pick them all, you most certainly cannot do so. How then do you choose which among these pooches would make your best companion?

Part of finding the right dog is getting to know yourself and if you have a family, you have to consider them as well. What hobbies do you and your family enjoy? Is the dog meant for you, the kids or grandma? A dog should be for life — the dog’s life — so think hard about the pooch you hope to have. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Dogs that Love Kids

Most dogs can turn out to be a great companion for a child but there are some breeds that are particularly known for their love of children. For little kids who love to romp about and play, the Beagle and Boxer would make good playmates. Dachshunds do well with gentle, older kids while the Labrador Retrievers and Saint Bernards adore children of all ages to play with and protect.

2. Dogs for Fitness Buffs

Whether it is your dog’s playfulness, warmth or faithfulness, having the right dog in your life can help banish stress, ease depression and simply make you happier. Add that to your dog’s “smile” when they see you as you arrive at home, their unbashed joy in life and their devotion, it is no wonder that people and their furry friends have loved each other’s company since time immemorial.

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